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Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo – Do’s and Don’ts

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is a full zoo offering a variety of animal species from around the globe. There are zebras, birds, and reptiles as well as lions, tigers, and bears.

A brief description of Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo

There are many animals from around the world at the Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo, including lions, tigers, and bears. Many animals from around the world are kept at the park, including zebras, bisons, elk, baboons, gibbons, and many more. A large number of birds are also housed there, as well as a reptile house. The zoo contains approximately 400 animals from about 200 species. There is also a 27-acre landscaped area with several interesting plants, a walk-through greenhouse, and a splash pad for children. 

Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo Mission 

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo’s mission is to facilitate a sustainable relationship between people and nature. In doing so, the Zoo will fulfil its mission to provide recreation and education to the public, conserve wildlife, and discover biological knowledge.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Have a wonderful time exploring some of the wonders of the world!
  • With hundreds of plant and animal species, The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo offers a picturesque and relaxing setting.
  • See and hear! It is believed that the naturalistic habitats in which their animals live provide a safe and comfortable environment for the animals.
  • Wait for your favorite animal to emerge if you do not see it right away. Perhaps you should return later.
  • Take care! Despite being in captivity, animals are still wild.
  • Be careful not to step on them.
  • In order to ensure the safety of their children, parents should supervise them and make sure they do not venture off the walking paths, cross fence lines, or approach an animal.
  • Please refrain from feeding the animals. The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo houses a number of animals that consume specialized diets. Unless their zookeepers instruct you otherwise, please do not feed the animals. You may feed the animals in the Children’s Zoo, at the Budgie Exhibit, and in the Duck Dock. Please use only the food provided in the machines.
  • Enjoy your party! A rental of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo Pavilion is ideal for reunions, company picnics, concerts, cookouts, and more.

Zoological Society

We are a 501c3 (non-profit) organization dedicated to raising funds for the upkeep and continued growth of the Louisiana Purchase Zoo.

In addition to arranging birthday parties, the gift shop, memberships, and volunteers, the Society is responsible for operating the train as well!

In addition to hosting the many events held at Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo throughout the year, the Society also hosts the following:

  • The Creed and Creed Eggstravaganza is an annual event for Easter celebrations.
  • Zoobulation is an event that celebrates the zoo and is a great way to spend the summer.
  • During Halloween, Boo at the Zoo encourages costume participation.
  • Guerriero and Guerriero sponsors Jungle Bells, the final event of the year.

There will be music, games, animal encounters, food trucks, and other exciting activities at all Society events!

For more details visit – https://csuitesmonroe.com/ Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo 

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