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The Surge Adventure Park – Highlighting everything you need to know about the attractions

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Surge Adventure Parks is not just about trampolines! In addition to Surge’s attractions, Surge provides a variety of offerings for guests of all ages. Surge’s climbing features, arcade, jousting, zip line, trapeze, dodgeball, basketball, wipe out, ninja course, and many other attractions are there for you and your party guests to enjoy during the celebration! You will find different attractions depending on where you go, but one thing is sure. Surge offers something for everyone! If you choose to stay at a luxury hotel in Comfort Suites Monroe, LA while visiting Surge Adventure Park, you will have a lot of options. 

Interested in what Surge Adventure Park can offer you?

The team at Surge Adventure Parks is committed to providing you and your party guests with the most memorable birthday party experience possible. Guests are treated like family at Surge and receive top-notch service. Team members of Surge work as Surge’s lifeguards. During the course, they must attend classroom-style instruction, view videos, have group discussions, and complete emergency drills. 

We at Surge place a high priority on safety, which is why our team members regularly maintain our facilities, and we have attentive members throughout. As a result, all Surge equipment and facilities are always clean and safe. To provide you with a unique experience, Surge’s team is 100% dedicated to making your safety a priority.

Let Surge be your guide! 

Over 10,000 birthday parties have been celebrated by Surge, including yours. Surge knows what it takes to provide Surge’s guests with memorable birthday experiences. Every detail counts to Surge, and Surge will go above and beyond to make your child’s special day as perfect as possible! Thank you for entrusting Surge with your children’s birthday parties every year. No matter how many guests you have, Surge can accommodate them. The more, the merrier! That’s what we say here at Surge. Surge is the best at servicing birthday parties because Surge loves family entertainment and is passionate about family fun!

Make money by saving money! 

In addition to providing parents with continuous communication, Surge’s team goes above and beyond to make sure your child’s birthday party is perfect from start to finish. With Surge’s Adventure Park locations, your child can celebrate their next birthday party with friends, family, and other guests!

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